Pool + Food n Drinks Offer - Beat the Summer Heat

Pool + Food n Drinks Offer - Beat the Summer Heat

Can’t beat the heat? We have got you covered.
Contact Evoma pool to book your swimming slot at just Rs.400/- and get your after swim snack and drink.
Summer is the time to have pool games with your friends and family. Hurry and book your slot. It’s on first come first serve basis.
We also have monthly subscription. Sign up for a month for just Rs. 1,500/- and the pool is yours.

Call now for details - 08041903000


Enjoy the snacks and drinks - Veg & Non-veg combos include:

1. Pizza + cold drinks / tea / coffee. 
2. Sandwich and fries + cold drinks / tea / coffee. 
3. Burger and fries + cold drinks / tea / coffee.

Pool open from 7am to 7pm. Taxes apply. T&C apply



Call now for details - Phone: 08041903000

Address: 14, Bhattarahalli, Old Madras Road,
Besides Pashmina Waterfront, K R Puram, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560049


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