Bento Boxes

Tiffin carriers, plastic boxes or brown paper bags, almost every student and office goer has carried a packed lunch. Not many will have carried a Japanese packed lunch though! Welcome to the Bento Box.

Bento boxes originate from Japan, and like an Indian thali, compartmentalize the various dishes (sticky rice, battered meats, roasted vegetables). They can be eaten hot or cold, and are fabulous for lunch meetings, boardroom dinners or just as a healthy alternative.

If you are in Bangalore, then you must try one of our Japanese Bento Boxes. Our speciality Japanese restaurant, OJ, has a huge range of authentic dishes from the aromatic Nimono, vibrant Daikon Miso, to the spicy Gyouza. Artistically arranged, these Bento Boxes are a visual delight that will leave your mouth watering.

We have different Bento Boxes available every day, or you can try out some of our other scrumptious and very stylish Japanese delicacies at OJ.

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