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Grouper Fish Recipe at The Courtyard Restaurant in Bangalore

Come get a taste of Grouper fish at The Courtyard Restaurant at Evoma Hotel in Bangalore. Call 08041903000 to book a table now. Afterwards, you can make the dish at home with this Grouper Fish recipe we're sharing with you, courtesy our very own Chef Zaki. 

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finger millet dimsum at evoma bangalore

Evoma Celebrates Month of Millets ( Ragi ) Food in Bangalore

Come to Evoma Hotel Bangalore to feast on a variety of Millet food items and creations this month. Call 08041903000 to book a table or join the buffet. We're adding millets to the menu all this month in support of the Organic Millets International Trade Fair being held at the Bangalore Palace this month, and other Millet fest events all over the city.

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What are Names of 9 Navaratri Goddesses and 9 Sweets?

What is the significance of Navaratri (nine nights), and what are the names of 9 Navaratri Goddesses? There's a heavenly sweet for each night and Goddess, and Evoma wants to introduce you to the 9 tastes of Navaratri this year.

1. Shailaputri 2. Brahmacharini 3. Chandraghanta 4. Kushmanda 5. Skandamata 6. Katyayani 7. Kalratri 8. Maha Gauri 9. Siddhidatri

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Menu Engineering Tips from Chef Anver Zaki Hotel Evoma Bangalore

Recently,Chef was interviewed by hospitality magazine Hospibuz. In this interview, Chef shared his experiences and views, including a very important question that he was asked about menu engineering.

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What Hotel Guests Want in Bangalore

We run a luxury hotel in Bangalore, and one of the most important jobs in the hotel is to answer calls from people looking for hotel rooms and suites. We've put together the most common and interesting queries we get. In other words, this is what hotel guests want in Bangalore. 

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Top 10 Day Trip Destinations from Bangalore

It's that time of the year when you begin to yearn for a getaway from the city, even if it's just for a day. Come the weekend, Bangaloreans head for the hills. These are the top 10 day trips from Bangalore, including hill stations, temple towns, water sports, natural beauty and wildlife along the Cauvery River, and even the second most famous movie town for tourists in India.

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Summer Vacation Parks in Bangalore

It's summer vacation, and the kids are screaming for fun all-day long. Parents have no idea what to do with the children at home, and the best way to deal with it is to go park them in a place where both the kids and adults can have a very good time.

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Incentive Travel Destinations to Combine Business with Leisure

These are the top incentive travel destinations, categorized by the type of vacation and activities. From a Busman's Holiday in Bangalore to cashing in your chips in Vegas, we've got the top urban locations listed here.  

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Top 10 Outdoor swimming pool games and party ideas

Come enjoy our outdoor swimming pool in Bangalore, which is protected from the heat and dust, and set amidst an acre of gardens and tall trees.

Call now to book time at the pool. Phone: 08041903000 or email: inquiries@evoma.com


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Traditional Easter Recipes and Food Ideas Resurrected by Evoma

We would like you to enjoy the divine pleasure of the traditional Easter recipes and food ideas listed here, along with the mandatory Easter egg hunt and other desserts and treats that make it a fun-filled “Holy-Day” and Holy Week.

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international-womens s day-special

Women’s Day Recipes for Emancipation from Kitchen Drudgery

Women today have a lot to do - Managing the home, kids, office and personal as well as professional work-life balance. The one thing that still falls on your shoulders is the kitchen. So here we have a few simple Women's Day recipes to help you win emancipation from kitchen drudgery.

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international-womens s day-special

Women's Day Food for Thought

International Women's Day, on March 8, is once again a reason for us to celebrate in the way we know best - through food. We have a Women's Day Brunch and lots of specials, but there's something I want to share with you first. It's the story of how women used food to fight for and secure their rights.

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Bengaluru International Airport - BLR Information Guide for Trav

Bengaluru International Airport (IATA: BLR), officially known as Kempegowda International Airport, serves international travelers flying in and out of Bengaluru, the capital of the southern Indian state of Karnataka.


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Republic Day Out at Evoma Bangalore

Republic Day is celebrated every year to make Indians feel proud of the multi-cultural fabric of our society, the secular democracy we live in, the awesome military might that protects us, and the Constitution of India - which gives you the right and ownership of all this wealth and power we have. 

We want you to come to Evoma in Bangalore this year on Jan 26, and celebrate not just the holiday and special tricolor lunch and desserts  we have for you, but also have a Republic Day out in the area and visit all the wonderful attractions and tourist spots nearby.

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How to Make Pasta - Evoma Cooking Video and Recipe

Here is a great recipe of homemade Tagliatelle and then the pasta using this. 

Flour : 250 gm
Salt : 1 pinch
Eggs: 2
Extra virgin Olive oil: 2 tsp
Spinach paste: 50 ml

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How to Plan a Special Birthday Party For Your Kid

Your kid's first birthday is always special, and everyone wants to make it memorable too. With the hype of Taimur Pataudi’s first Birthday celebration going on, every parent with a little one must have started planning for your little one's #1 day.

We at Evoma are also prepared for making the special day of your little one memorable and worth the effort. To book a birthday party hall at Evoma now, call 0804190300 or email inquiries@evoma.com .

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New Year 2018 - Best Things to Do in Bangalore

The countdown to ring in the New Year has already begun. It's just a question of where you want to be on Dec 31, New Year's Eve, and what you want to do next. Some people want to rock the party hard, whereas some want to relax with friends and family, watching TV and the fireworks in the sky. 

Here's a few things to do in Bangalore, to celebrate the New Year's Eve Party on Dec 31, and then follow it up with a nice holiday. 

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Celebrate Christmas and New Year's Eve Party at Evoma Bangalore

Scrumptious Christmas feast and kiosk with gift hampers for you from now till Dec 25, followed by a New Year's Eve Party in Bangalore on Dec 31. Call now to book your table - 08041903000.

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How to make Momos - Video with recipe and ingredients

What we have for you here are yummy momos, with a special cooking class video from award winning chef Chef Zaki, a genius at Oriental cuisine. You'll find below a list of ingredients needed, along with a video and recipe on how to make momos.


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Traditional Christmas Plum Pudding Recipe

Have you thought of baking a rich and creamy Plum Pudding this Christmas? The traditional Christmas pudding is a wonderful part of the holiday celebrations.

With the Christmas Cake mixing done and the cake in the oven, we’re now moving on to the next delicious dessert for your Christmas feast - a unique recipe for the very rich Evoma Christmas Plum Pudding.

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GST Tax Rates Slashed for Restaurants - Evoma Lowers Rates

The GST tax rate for restaurants has been reduced from 18% to 5%. Here at Evoma, we have reduced restaurant rates, and are thankful to the GST Council for the reduction in GST tax rates for restaurants. We have slashed our own prices, and the benefits accruing from this reduced tax rate are accordingly being passed on to our F&B customers.  

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How to Make Christmas Plum Cake - Recipe and Cake Baking Video

Looking for the best recipe for plum cake this holiday season? Try this rich soft Christmas Plum Cake recipe that Chef Zaki will bake for you in this video.

The Evoma Christmas Cake is a work of art cooked up using our own traditional cake baking techniques, a healthy mix of fruits and nuts and honey, and the Christmas spirits - Old Monk, Romanov, Royal Challenge and their inebriated brethren.


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Christmas Cake Mixing at Evoma

This Christmas cake mixing ceremony at Evoma took place on November 2 with great pomp and revelry. Media people present included News 18, who covered the ritual with video and interviews of Chef Zaki and others. Book a table now to get your slice of this special cake when it's baked and ready.

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Slideshow of Bangalore MICE Companies

A short while ago, we published a full list of MICE companies in India, which included a section on the top providers in Bangalore. This follow-up post has a slideshow featuring each of the mentioned company's business travel services for meetings, incentives, conferences and events or exhibitions.

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Kid-Friendly Menu at The Courtyard Restaurant, Bangalore

These days, it’s the kids who tell their parents what to do, what to eat, and how to be cool and trendy. They’re more and more aware of this fact, and want to have their own choices and decisions when it comes to the food menu while eating out. Restaurants in Bangalore, including The Courtyard at Evoma, are taking notice of them as an important set of customers whom we need to attract and pamper and please.


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Full list of MICE companies in India

To assist you with your business travel and event management needs, you will find below a categorisedlist of MICE companieslocatedinthemajor cities of India.

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Evoma - Business Hotel, K R Puram, Bangalore Bangalore evoma-bangalore-hotel-pool-gym

Bangalore Hotel 10 minutes from Whitefield, 20 min from MG Road

Evoma is one of the top 10 Bangalore hotels serving business travelers, executives and the corporate event segment. The 4-star luxury business hotel and office is set in an idyllic location along Old Madras Road, with no traffic, plenty of parking space, and two lakes on either side where the cool breeze makes you feel alive in the garden by the outdoor pool. But we have a problem...

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Top 6 Eco-friendly Bangalore Attractions

Staycations are a much abused word, but you don't need to worry about the culture police if you're doing the right thing - visiting the greenest of green attractions in Bangalore. So I'm sharing with you these top 6 eco-friendly Bangalore attractions that you can visit and spend the day exploring. Photo credit: Shaktivel E/wikimedia

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Evoma Hotel, K R Puram, Bangalore Bangalore Swimming Pool Evoma Hotel K R Puram Bangalore 1

Water Parks near Whitefield

Family entertainment in Bangalore typically takes you to shopping malls and movie theatres. But when you're bored of this urban entertainment, what you need is a good dunking and lots of screaming in one of these water parks. 


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12 Most Common Japanese Food Recipes Explained

Today, I'm going to share with you, online, the kind of Japanese food experience that we provide guests when they eat here at the OJ Restaurant. We take you through the menu, explaining each dish, what are the ingredients, how it's made, and how to eat it like the Japanese.

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Evoma - Business Hotel, K R Puram, Bangalore Bangalore evoma-wedding-venue-bangalore-7

8 Must-Have Things in Your Bangalore Wedding Venue

This is a list of the top 8 must-have things in your Bangalore wedding venue, which you should keep as a checklist when you're comparing different venues. 1. Reception Hall. 2. Catering... 

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Complete List of Event Management Companies in Bangalore

You don't have to worry about organizing or managing your event, the catering, beverages, seating, stage, lighting, AV equipment, floral arrangements, pickups, parking, or anything else. Evoma event planners will work with your event organizer, or select one from the list below, to assist you in getting all the arrangements right, just the way you want them.   

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Evoma - Business Hotel, K R Puram, Bangalore Bangalore social-networking-at-events

10 Things You Shouldn't Do at Corporate Events

If you're going to a high-class corporate event venue where you want to make a good impression and useful connects with important people, here's a list of things that you shouldn't do.    

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Travel Tips for Attending a Conference in India

Business travel in India is a bit of an adventure sport by itself, especially for visitors who are coming to India for the first time.The following are some travel tips that will help you if you are attending a conference in India.

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Fusion Themed Wedding Ideas

If you want to do something different, fusion themed weddings are really in. Look for spaces that support yourdream.Wedding halls with attached gardens and swimming pools are ideal, as fusion weddings need a lot of open space. Here are some fusion themed wedding ideas to consider that might be perfect for you

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Evoma - Business Hotel, K R Puram, Bangalore Bangalore Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Attractions Near KR Puram

Though there are many magnificent tourist attractions in Bangalore, I am going to devote myself to those in and near Krishnarajapuram. These are the places to visit which are less talked about, not tourist traps, and most are secrets that are known only to local residents and long-time Bengalureans.


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Dining Apps to Find Nearby Restaurants

Whether it is exoticJapanese cuisinethat you are in the mood for, or just simple straight forward street food, these apps will do the trick and cater to whatever your taste buds fancy on this day.

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How to Apply for Marriage Certificate, and Where

As of now, there is no Indian law that makes marriage registration compulsory. Though our National Commission for Women did draft a “Compulsory Registration of Marriages Bill, 2005.

Whether registering is mandatory or not, you go ahead and complete your marriage registration. Please note, I will be covering how to register and get a marriage certificate under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 here, and not the Special Marriage Act, 1954.


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Top 4 Destination Wedding Venues in Karnataka

If you are planning your wedding, and want to add the thrill of a new destination away from your home town, take a look at the venues below.

These are the top 4 most popular destination wedding venues in Karnataka, from a VIP welcome in Bangalore to a real Mysore palace and beach wedding resorts in Mangalore and Udupi.   

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10 Must Eat Foods for Bangalore Visitors and Foodies

I am a denizen of this lovely city and a foodie myself, which I think qualifies me to write about this topic that is very close to my heart - The must eat foods that visitors to our lovely city cannot and must not miss.
If you’re ready for a culinary expedition, here is the list of 10 must eat foods for Bangalore visitors and foodies. Just thinking and writing about these foods is making me feel hungry, so let’s get on with it.

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Bangalore Transportation Tips for Visitors

“Atithi Devo Bhava.” A Guest is equivalent to God.
Bangalore, or Bengaluru as it is officially called now, welcomes you, beloved Atithi, to our city and into our homes.

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Evoma - Business Hotel, K R Puram, Bangalore Bangalore Vidhana Soudha Evoma Blog

Top 10 Bangalore Tourist Attractions

If you are visiting our beloved Garden City, do not miss this opportunity to take a Bangalore city tour to see amazing and historic attractions up-close. We know you’re pressed for time, so at least take a look at this list of the must-visit top 10 Bangalore tourist attractions.

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Evoma - Business Hotel, K R Puram, Bangalore Bangalore Katonese-ozoni-recipe

Kantonese ozoni

Auspicious days and festive occasions such as New Year and Christmas are welcomed by some special delicacies. The situation is not so different in Japan also, as they have a number of lip-smacking dishes which are mainly served during important…

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Evoma - Business Hotel, K R Puram, Bangalore Bangalore Kurigohan-recipe


When autumn comes, the streets of Japan will be awash with a tantalizing aroma – a special fragrance of roasting chestnuts on open fire. Biting into the piping hot chestnuts on a chilly evening brings many nostalgic moments to the…

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Evoma - Business Hotel, K R Puram, Bangalore Bangalore fitness-center

5 tips to select the best fitness center

At a time when obesity and health issues are ruling the world, people are increasingly aware of the value of fitness. Health and fitness should not be shackled into just new year resolutions and daily dairy updates. Whether you are…

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Evoma - Business Hotel, K R Puram, Bangalore Bangalore Japanese-eggplant-and-mushroom-canapes

Eggplant and mushroom canape

It is never easy to resist the temptation of delicious canapes. Whether it is savory or sweet, attractively assembled and presented canapes lift the mood of cocktail parties, picnics, meetings and even informal luncheons. The eggplant and mushroom canape recipe…

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Evoma - Business Hotel, K R Puram, Bangalore Bangalore Smoked-salmon-and-soba-noodle-salad-recipe

Smoked salmon and soba noodle salad

Do you know which country leads in overall life expectancy? It’s Japan, closely trailed by Switzerland and San Marino. Without even a momentary thought, we can say that the healthy dietary habits of Japanese are behind this very high life…

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Evoma - Business Hotel, K R Puram, Bangalore Bangalore japanese-food Evoma Whitefield Bangalore

Top 5 Japanese Restaurants Near Whitefield

You can order a pizza anywhere in Bengaluru, but you’ll have to look a little further beyond the corner pizzeria if you are in the mood for authentic Japanese cuisine. Have a look at the places, where you can relish mouth-watering Japanese cuisine near Whitefield, Bangalore.

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