Fusion Themed Wedding Ideas

Weddings have come a long way. From being the simple “Saath Phere” with traditional red attire, food, and the ceremony, Indian weddings have turned to gala fusion events.

Today, young people are opting for mixed theme-based wedding celebrations. If you want to do something different, fusion themed weddings are really in. Look for spaces that support your dream. Wedding halls with attached gardens and swimming pools are ideal, as fusion weddings need a lot of open space.

Here are some fusion themed wedding ideas to consider that might be perfect for you.

1. Mughal extravaganza.

The Mughal experience is that of royalty. From brocade tablemats to Benarsi tents for eating or just as lounge space for guests, your wedding could go from normal to talk of the town. Ask your bunch of friends to adorn their best anarkalis and voila, you have a ‘Deewani Mastaani’ type of entry.

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Your food spread, though traditional, could be served in an Italian way with Pasta bowls replacing your usual plates. Right now we are shifting from bright, gaudy and loud to subtle, sweet and elegant styles. So the lesser you have, the more beautiful the place looks. Go for the Mughal styled sherwanis and harem pants for your sangeet and have a blast by playing old numbers.

2. Garden Settings

There is a sudden affinity to greenery in this generation, maybe because of all the concern about global warming. It could be outdoor or indoor, but the entire setting should be such that it gives a feel of the outdoors. From small flowering plants on the dining tables to grass carpets adorning the walls, planners can match your vision and give you trees with hanging lights and tea lights everywhere. This dreamy setting would not only look good, but also feel very good due to the greenery around.

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3. Bohemian chic.

This theme will pretty much have all elements of modernity and funk. The bride may trade her embellished heals for sneakers. She may wear dark glares or enter the mandap on her Harley bike. For the setting, you could have anything from old world charm of a set from Raj Kapoor movies, or an old caravan look with kettles and teacups from the bygone era. If you love the Mysore Palace, ask your wedding decorator to give you a palace feel. They will be happy to experiment.

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4. Color riot.

Think color, think vibrancy, think Rajasthani. Rajasthan is not only royalty, but also a lot of fun thrown in. You could go totally berserk with ideas, and allow your wedding planner to run wild. If you decide to go DIY, which is also a trend these days, you could get help from people and design a mini-Rajasthan on your own.

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Banquet hall wedding venues with a capacity of 200 to 800 can easily accommodate all your plans and desires for a dream wedding.Running into a sprawling hall could have embroidered tents and umbrellas, puppets, drums looking tables, or dress your bridesmaid in traditional Rajasthani dancer dress. They will love it and people will love it too. 

Needless to say, you will be experimenting with lot of clothing and styles, so why not do the same with the setting too. If you are Punjabi and prefer bright colors, then your hall could be decorated with colorful fabric all over. If one of you hails from down south, then you could go for a lovely Gopuram kind of mandapam.

These are just some of the ideas you could have. The world is your oyster. Go for traditional or modern, but be creative and utilize the resources people offer to make your wedding an unforgettable one. Experiment with food, serve tradition with a blend of Indian, Continental, and Oriental with a mix of Japanese, Thai or Mughlai. Your hall could be turned into a beautiful Cinderella like ball room or it could be a thumping Bollywood extravaganza. With a classier, and a subtler setting, with minimalism at its peak, wedding planners are at their creative best. Fusion weddings are becoming a popular theme to play with at weddings.

People will remember you two for the loveliest experience you gave them.

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