How to Plan a Special Birthday Party For Your Kid

Your kid's first birthday is always special, and everyone wants to make it memorable too. With the hype of Taimur Pataudi’s first Birthday celebration going on, every parent with a little one must have started planning for your little one's #1 day.

We at Evoma are also prepared for making the special day of your little one memorable and worth the effort. To book a birthday party hall at Evoma now, call 0804190300 or email .


Birthday Venue Selection

The Birthday venue should be selected well in advance, to give you time to visit and check all the amenities. As per your preference, indoor and outdoor venue can be chosen. Check to see if the venue can accommodate your entire invitee list. Choose a favourable location that iss near your residence or near centre of the city for everyone's convenience, or near to a place where many of your guests reside.

Along with the location, size and facilities, parking space should be kept in mind as well. Large parking is always a plus. Here at Evoma, along with great indoor venue options, we also have a lovely landscape garden option available for outdoor birthday parties.

You can think of planning a close family birthday party like Taimur's first birthday. Or you can plan a grand party with friends and family, along with kids of different age groups too. We have the capacity, staff and facilities for small and intimate birthday parties, as well as large crowds of people.

Birthday Menu Selection

The choice of menu is a tough one. The catering options available, your preferences, what your guests like, don't like or won't eat, seasonal items, holiday or special occasion items, etc. must be taken into consideration. Do a sampling for taste check as well, and give suggestions as per your desires.

At Evoma, we have a grand buffet spread and countless options to choose from. Depending on the taste of a close knit family or the tastes and preferences of friends and invitees, you can choose from the variety of menu options on offer.

There is also a special Kids Menu available at our famous Courtyard Restaurant, which can be included for little ones to enjoy. Find the complete menu here:


Choose a Birthday decoration theme

There are lots of birthday party themes available with party planners. The famous themes include: Frozen theme, Jungle theme, Disney theme, minion themes, lego theme, Blue/ Pink winter wonderland theme, Mickey/ Minne mouse theme, etc.

You can also do it based on your own imagination, and get a party planner who can implement it for you.


Birthday Cake

The cake is the centerpiece of the show here. Your birthday party's star attraction is the birthday boy or girl, and them blowing out the candles on the cake and eating the first piece is what will remain in your mind as a fond memory forever.

If you are planning a Birthday Bash with us, we guarantee that our baking chef will make it very, very memorable with a fabulous cake topped with sprinklings of magic pixie power that will make the birthday a huge success. Check out all the different types of birthday cakes we can bake for you, and let us know what you want in it, on it, and around it. 


Top tips for a successful 1st Birthday party

Keep away hazards of any kind from the kids. Forks and small objects which can be swallowed should be handled with care. Uneven floors and other little details that can cause injury should be taken care of. Make sure nappy changing and washroom facilities are easily accessible at the venue. Check them before the event and let the guests know for convenience.

Store away precious ornaments, breakables and gifts safely. Keep few toys and playable mats for other kids and your little one to play with while the party continues.

Hopefully, these tips will help you in your birthday party planning to make your little tiny bundle of joy enjoy the happy occasion.

We invite you to Evoma to have a look at our venues and our experienced staff and chefs who are here to help you out with all the requirements. Share your ideas with them and make use of our tips. Let us help you organize a wonderful party for your special little one, and we will be more than happy to do so. The smiling happy faces of satisfied customers is what we are determined to see.

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