What Hotel Guests Want in Bangalore

We run a luxury hotel in Bangalore, and one of the most important jobs in the hotel is to answer calls from people looking for hotel rooms and suites. That's the job of the on-duty manager, or the reception desk in case the manager is busy.

They get all kinds of requests and demands for hotel related facilities, services and amenities. We've put together the most common and interesting queries we get. In other words, this is what hotel guests want in Bangalore. 

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1. Clean rooms.

You may take it for granted in a luxury hotel, but this is usually the first thing on a traveler's mind. It may be because “clean rooms” is what the review sites focus on, or it may be past experience.

Either way, a clean room is the most important thing that's in every visitor's mind. The room size also seems to be important, because a lot of guests ask about how big it is.

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2. Price, upgrades and complimentary food and beverages.

Again, price may seem not so important in a luxury hotel where you expect people to demand the best service and top-class amenities. But that is usually the second thing people ask about – Is this the best price?

What about discounts and free upgrades? Do you provide complimentary breakfast, tea and coffee? What else is included in the price?  

3. Swimming pool.

Bangalore is a city of lakes, and the climate is moderate enough for travelers from all parts of the world. Most don't even take a swim. Even so, almost every guest who books in checks whether we have a swimming pool.

An outdoor swimming pool is one of the prerequisites and key differences between a really good hotel in Bangalore, and one that's just for sleeping overnight and checking out in the morning.    


4. Room service and in-room amenities.

Is there a restaurant near by? This is a question we love to hear, because there are 4 of the top restaurants in Bangalore downstairs, inside the hotel. Do we provide room service? Yes we do – 24/7.

What are the in-room amenities? Everything from Wi-Fi to flat-screen television with cable, towels (another common question) and whatever else you need.

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5. Proximity to airport, metro rail and city center.

Is it close to the airport? Is it close to M.G. Road and the city center? Metro Rail? Yes to the first question, less than 30 minutes for the rest.

Oh, and we do have our own shuttle that can pick you up and drop you off anywhere in the city.  

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6. Can I check in now? When do I have to checkout?

You can check in anytime, but hotels typically have a cut-off time for checkout (such as 12 noon). After that, you're charged for another night's stay. So travelers want to know when they can check-in and check-out to ensure they don't pay for an extra day.

At Evoma, you get 24 hours check-in and check-out, exclusively available on this website. You can't get this offer through online travel agents (OTAs) and other hotel booking sites.


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