How to Make Christmas Plum Cake - Recipe and Cake Baking Video

Looking for the best recipe for plum cake this holiday season? Try this rich soft Christmas Plum Cake recipe that Chef Zaki will bake for you in this video.

The Evoma Christmas Cake is a work of art cooked up using our own traditional cake baking techniques, a healthy mix of fruits and nuts and honey, and the Christmas spirits - Old Monk, Romanov, Royal Challenge and their inebriated brethren.


TheChristmas Cake mixingwas done earlier this month, and now we share a unique recipe and baking video guide for the very rich Evoma Christmas Plum Cake / Fruit n Nut Cake.

Thechopped, washed and dried fruits and nutsare mixed with wine, liquor, honey and fruit juices, and soak in the rich aroma and essence of all the juices.

This should be done for at least 30-45 days to capture the rich flavour and aroma. These soaked nuts play a critical role in the plum cake.


Christmas plum cake recipe, with ingredients and video

This tradition, and the recipe for it, have been followed for many years at Evoma. Thisdelicious and easy step by step recipe for the plum cake is perfect for not only Christmas, but also for baking cakes all year round. The cake is rich and moist and soft, and can be made easily with ingredients that you probably have at home.

Total time: 45 mins  

Temperature:180 degree celsius

Prep: 15 mins, Cook: 30 mins

Yield: 12-14 servings approx

List of ingredients for Christmas plum cake recipe

Butter180 gms
Sugar200 gms
Eggs200 gms
Flour160 gms
Mix Fruits and Nuts300 gms
Caramel2 teaspoons (optional)
Nutmeg Powder1 pinch
Cashew Nut Powder20 gms
Almond Flakes2 teaspoons
Whole Cashew Nuts10 nos
Baking Powder1 pinch
Vanilla Essence1 teaspoon

How to make a Christmas plum cake: Video and recipe

Start first by mixing the butter and sugar together until sugar melts completely.Then start adding eggs one by one, and keep blending till it gets the smooth texture. Now gently fold in the flour step by step into the batter and mix it without lumps.

Add caramel for the beautiful colour and texture.Add nutmeg powder, vanilla essence & then the soaked fruits and nuts. Mix softly to blend everything properly.  

Transfer mixture into the 8 inch round cake tin. Tin should be lined with a double layer of parchment or brown paper at the bottom and on the sides.

Arrange almond flakes, cashew nut and whole almonds on top as garnish. Place the cake mixture into a pre-heated oven for 30-40 minutes at 180 degree celsius temperature.

Watch this Christmas plum cake recipe video of our Chef Zaki preparing it as explained above, and learn to make this tasty, soft and flavoured cake at home easily.

How to Make the Cake Extra Rich

Mix cashew nut powder for the extra richness to the cake as it is a special holiday occasion, for which you need to do something extra special.

This special Christmas plum cake at Evoma is packed with nutrition and mind-boggling tasty flavours.

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