Top 4 Destination Wedding Venues in Karnataka

Destination weddings are an increasingly hot trend in Karnataka. Families in small towns often choose wedding venues in Bengaluru for their big day to make it more lavish and memorable. But many couples living in Bengaluru are also opting for a destination wedding at other locations and cities which they prefer.

If you are planning your wedding, and want to add the thrill of a new destination away from your home town, take a look at the venues below. These are the top 10 most popular destination wedding venues in Karnataka, from a VIP welcome in Bangalore to a real Mysore palace and beach wedding resorts in Mangalore and Udupi.   

1. Evoma Hotel in Bengaluru.

Marriages are made in heaven, and the location of this heaven in Bangalore is Evoma.

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From lavish indoor and outdoor marriage ceremony spaces to grand banquet halls for the reception, catering and wedding cake, liquor bar, wedding planners and hospitality staff to assist you, Evoma has everything you need to organize a flawless wedding. 

Evoma - Business Hotel, K R Puram, Bangalore Bangalore evoma-wedding-venue-bangalore-6

Pick from a classy range of bridal suites for the bride and groom, and impress your guests with luxury 4-star accommodation. Welcome your VIP guests in style with our chauffeured vehicles and pickups. Wide open parking spaces, no traffic jams, and friendly and courteous reception staff to greet and check-in your wedding party and individual guests as they arrive. Evoma is unquestionably one of the best destination wedding venues in Bengaluru.

2. Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel in Mysore.

This is where you literally get to have a royal wedding, at the Lalitha Mahal Palace Hotel in Mysore built by the King of Mysore in 1931. It’s ideally located a short distance from the airport and railway station on a perch overlooking Chamundi Hill. You will not only be transported to Mysore, but also back in time to an era of kings and queens living in palaces. 

Evoma - Business Hotel, K R Puram, Bangalore Bangalore lalitha-palace-hotel-mysore

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From the horse buggy to the large elephant statue and the Viceroy suite, a destination wedding in Mysore at the Lalitha Mahal Palace is an unforgettable experience for you and all your guests.  

3. Summer Sands Beach Resort in Mangalore

Mangalore is famous for its beaches, which are amongst the best and most beautiful in India. So if you’re looking for a serene and lovely beach wedding destination, look no further than Mangalore. Among all these lovely beaches, the most popular ones include Panambur Beach and Someshwar Beach in Ullal. Both are equally good choices for your wedding ceremonies and parties, but Ullal has the advantage of the Summer Sands Beach Resort.

Evoma - Business Hotel, K R Puram, Bangalore Bangalore ullal-someshwar-beach-mangalore

Photo credit - Niyant Dalal/flickr

Think of a large lawn overlooking the Arabian Sea, where you get married in front of 2,000 guests and the sound of the waves washing into the sands of the Ullal-Someshwar Beach. They’ll arrange a ‘no-hassle’ wedding for you, meaning they take care of everything from the accommodations for you and your guests to the catering, flowers, cake and anything else that you may need.   

4. Paradise Isle Beach Resort in Udupi

Malpe Beach is yet another serene and beautiful beach wedding destination in the historic coastal city of Udupi. Silver-white sands leading up to a luxury resort - the Paradise Isle Beach Resort. It’s a vast resort with huge and luxurious banquet halls that can accommodate hundreds of people.

Evoma - Business Hotel, K R Puram, Bangalore Bangalore paradise-isle-beach-resort-Malpe-Beach-Udupi

Photo credit - Shravan Kamath94/wikimedia

Enjoy the beach holiday on the first full silver sand beach in Karnataka, and arrange a marriage ceremony that you and your guests will remember as one of the most enjoyable days of your life. 

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