Menu Engineering Tips from Chef Anver Zaki Hotel Evoma Bangalore

Recently, our Executive Chef Anver Zaki was interviewed by hospitality magazine Hospibuz. In this interview, Chef shared his experiences and views, including a very important question that he was asked about menu engineering.

The Courtyard Menu 


Chef Zaki is the Executive Chef at Hotel Evoma in Bangalore. He has 16 years of experience in several of the world’s finest four- and five-star flagship and luxury hotels in India and abroad.

He has won a coastal food award from the Times of India, and got a silver medal at the International Millet Competition organized by the Govt. Of Karnataka. He recently led a team that won the bronze medal in Plating competition conducted by SICA.

Chef Zaki is also an expert in pre-opening of customized and modern trendy hotel kitchens and restaurants. This includes menu engineering, kitchen and restaurant layout plans, budget, business forecasting, staffing, food trials, staff training, etc.


Recently,Chef was interviewed by hospitality magazineHospibuz. In this interview, Chef shared his experiences and views, including a very important question that he was asked about menu engineering.

Hospibuz:- A good menu line is the lifeline of any hotel or restaurant. So as a menu planner, what are the key points that you take care of while planning a menu?

Chef Anver Zaki:If you want to be original, then you should always be innovative and creative. So, one should always introduce and highlight their chef’s special signature dishes, because this is something which can become your USP.

So in this post, we want to share with you a menu engineered by Chef Zaki. It’s one ofhis Signature Dishrecipes that you can get exclusively in Bangalore at Hotel Evoma, and we’re not revealing the secret ingredient.If you want to know what it is, you can come here personally or order online to taste it and find out yourself.

Citrus Infused Shrimp Guacamole Recipe

Citrus Infused Shrimp Guacamole


Ripe Avocados-2 coarsely chopped.

Olive Oil-30ml

Tomato chopped-1 medium.

Onion Chopped-1 medium.

Green Chilly-Medium 1

Parsley & Dill leaves-For garnishing.

Coriander-approx 5 gm chopped.

Lime Juice-1 tbsp.

100 gm Citrus Infused Shrimp (self made-separate recipe) Chopped and save few for garnishing.

Salt to taste.

Secret Ingredient.

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Preparation method:

Mix all the ingredients apart from Parsleyanddill leaves slowly together. Tip: Don’t mix harshly as the ripe avocados will get smashed and the dish will lose its texture. Also save a few shrimps for garnishing. Add salt (and Chefs Secret ingredient) is added at this point.

Check the taste and garnish with Parsley and Dill leaves and Citrus Infused Shrimp pieces. Hope you enjoyed this little piece of menu engineering by our Chef Zaki.

To knowhissecret ingredient that we haven’t revealed,youneed to visit Evoma Hotelon OMR, near Whitefield,and taste this healthy and super tasty dish with a twist. 

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