Traditional Christmas Plum Pudding Recipe

Have you thought of baking a rich and creamy Plum Pudding this Christmas? The traditional Christmas pudding is a wonderful part of the holiday celebrations.

With the Christmas Cake mixing done and the cake in the oven, we’re now moving on to the next delicious dessert for your Christmas feast - a unique recipe for the very rich Evoma Christmas Plum Pudding.


Chopped, washed and dried fruits and nutshave been soaked in the mixture of wine, liquor, honey and fruit juices. The rich aroma and essence of all the juices soaking into the fruits and nuts for at least 30-45 days for rich flavour and aroma. These soaked nuts play a critical role in the plum Pudding.

Plum Pudding Overview:
Total time: 60 mins
Prep: 15 mins,
Cook: 30 mins
Yield: 12-14 servings approx
Pre Heated Steamer

Butter200 gms
Sugar200 gms
Eggs200 gms
Flour120 gms
Bread Crumbs80 gms
Mix Fruit & Nuts250 gms
Caramel2 teaspoons
Nutmeg Powder1 pinch
Cinnamon Powder1 pinch
Baking Powder1 pinch
Vanilla Essence1 teaspoon

How to Make Christmas Plum Pudding - Step by step Recipe

Start firstbymixing the butter and sugar together until the sugar melts completelyintoa smooth texture.

Then start adding eggs one by one and keep mixing till it gets the very smooth lustrous texture. Add caramel and blend properly.

Pre-heatthe steamer.Add vanilla essenceandthen the soaked fruits and nuts. Mix softly to blend everything properly.  Also add Nutmeg powder too.

Now gently fold in thebreadcrumbs, flour and Baking powder step by step into the batter and mix it without lumps.Grease the mould with oil and sprinkle bread crumbs too.

Transfer mixture into the puddingmould tin. Put the mould inpreheatedsteamer and steam for approximately 40-60 minutes, and keep checking in between.Remove pudding from mould only after it completely cools down


Decorate with custard, almond flakes, cherry and mint leaves on top for the perfect setup. Or you could justrelish the tasteof a simple Christmas Plum Pudding, just like that. Either way, here’s the full video of our very own Chef Zaki showing you how to make this pudding.

How do breadcrumbs help?

The bread crumbs help in holding moisture for the pudding, and are also used for smoothing the batter. This special Christmas pudding at Evoma is packed with scrumptious and incredible flavours.                                                                        

The Plum Pudding for Christmas this year is now all set and ready at Evoma for order.

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