Top 10 Outdoor swimming pool games and party ideas

It’s summer again, and it looks like it’s going to be a really hot and steamy summer this year. Best way to cool off is to wallow in a nice watering hole while the sun burns. 

Come enjoy our outdoor swimming pool in Bangalore, which is protected from the heat and dust, and set amidst an acre of gardens and tall trees.


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Wallow in the cool water, and play these swimming pool games. We’ve got a restaurant and staff that serves food and tall cool drinks poolside. Bring your party, and enjoy a rocking pool party with these party ideas.


Swimming Pool Games for Summer Fun

1. Pool Volleyball Game

We’ll divide the pool with a net. You divide your group into two teams, and play ball - in the pool. Pool volleyball is so much fun because you don’t get tired. Unlike ordinary volleyball, you don’t have to run around to get to the ball. But it can be quite a challenge to jump up in the water to reach the ball and lob it back to the other side of the net.   

2. Musical water balloon toss

The wet version of passing the parcel. Simple enough in concept, but it becomes hilariously difficult to grab the parcel and pass it on when you’re bobbing around in the water, and so are the people next to you.

3. Pool Race

Swimming contest with a prize for the first three to reach the finish line at the other end of the pool. Find out if there’s a Michael Phelps inside you, and win the gold every time.

4. Water Balloon Games

You don’t have to wait for Holi to throw water balloons at people around you. Come to our pool and have a fun-filled Holi-day throwing water balloons at each other.

5. Water Guns n’Balloons

If balloons are not enough to make your friends squeal and scream, then add water guns to the mix. Frag them, own them, make them splash around in the pool trying to escape the squirt of your water gun. And can try hiding underwater when they try to squirt you.

6. Water Polo

You don’t need a horse to water polo. You can bring your dog, though. They’ll help you win, by grabbing the ball and bringing it back to you.


7. Greased Watermelon Relay Race

If you think a 4x100 relay race is hard, try doing it in the water - with a greased watermelon in your hand. Holding on to that slippery melon while swimming with one hand and your legs is incredibly difficult. And very funny too, when it slips and slides out of your hands and into the water.

8. Invisible Transparent water filled Bottle scavenger Hunt


Can you see the bottle? No? Well, that’s what makes it so interesting. The crystal clear water in our pool makes a transparent water bottle vanish. Finding it will be harder than getting to Davy Jones’ Locker and back. But you can do it, if you really, really want to win the prize, and you follow the compass of Captain Jack Sparrow, who is here at our luxury hotel, getting drunk at the bar, and looking for a new crew for his beloved Black Pearl.

9. Coin Hunt

Unlike the Dead Man’s Chest, you can spend your treasure, if you can find it. Join the coin hunt, and bear in mind that our pool is crystal clear. You’ll need an eagle eye, and an old map, to find these precious coins.


10. Finders - keepers

You don’t need to limit yourself to a treasure chest. Just throw in anything you have - a toy, keys, your waterproof watch, phone, or whatever else you think will not be damaged by the water, and can be given to the one who finds it. Finders - keepers.

Pool Party Ideas for Sizzling Summer Fun

As a bonus, here’s a couple of sizzling summer fun ideas for pool parties. We have the pool, food and drinks. You just bring the party.


11. Pool floats with drinks and snacks.

Forget the summer heat and wallow in the comfort of our cool pool. The spread above and below shows how we roll here at our pool parties, with an unlimited supply of food, cool drinks and anything else you need. Have a wonderful time playing pool games, with plenty of breaks in between for food, beer, cocktails and mocktails, all with a bucketload of ice to chill your drinks and keep you cool.

cold beer for a hot summer

12. Poolside party, picnic or BBQ

Events for every holiday, poolside catering for private parties, seating arrangements, free parking for your guests and more. Come with your family and friends. Bring your entire apartment or society members, or everyone in your office. Enjoy the party or picnic, and leave the arrangements to us.

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