Kid-Friendly Menu at The Courtyard Restaurant, Bangalore

These days, it’s the kids who tell their parents what to do, what to eat, and how to be cool and trendy. They’re more and more aware of this fact, and want to have their own choices and decisions when it comes to the food menu while eating out. Restaurants in Bangalore, including The Courtyard at Evoma, are taking notice of them as an important set of customers whom we need to attract and pamper and please.


For this reason, The Courtyard has created a special shortlist of items on our menu that are kid-friendly. The 4-star luxury Evoma Hotel is a great place to hang out with your friends.

The outdoor swimming pool, with poolside seating and a garden for roaming the grounds, fountain, fish pond and other tourist attractions nearby (Lagoon Water Park next to Evoma Hotel) will keep you busy and having fun all day long, with breaks in between for snacks, food and beverages.  

The menu here is specially crafted by our Chef Zaki at The Courtyard. It includes healthy, appealing as well as tasty cuisine for the young ones. Here's a very fascinating healthy menu designed for the special "young ones" to enjoy.

There is aLive Counteroffering lots of tasty snacks and fast food for those who are bold enough to experiment and combine their own food choices.


There are both veg and non-veg options to satisfy your taste buds. Confused?? There is more on the list.


Healthy drinks, soups and salads for growing kids and fitness freaks.


You scream We scream Icecream!

Sweet desserts is what everyone loves. Apart from every flavour of ice-cream known to man, The Courtyard at Evoma has plenty of other tasty treats for the little eaters.


Laying out this kid-friendly menu was really fun for us. Our culinary scientists have tried to play around with colours and variety to match up to what they think are the expectations of children.

Thinking like a child really made us create this exceptional menu @ The Courtyard. We aim to be as cool and nerdy as you, and promise that we’ll have as much fun splashing around in the pool and drinking and eating food all day long.

Book and reserve a Day Out of unlimited fun and food and drinks at The Courtyard Restaurant, Evoma Hotel.

Evoma Hotel, K R Puram, Bangalore Bangalore Swimming Pool Evoma Hotel K R Puram Bangalore 5
Evoma Hotel, K R Puram, Bangalore Bangalore Swimming Pool Evoma Hotel K R Puram Bangalore 1
Outdoor swimming and family fun at the Evoma Hotel on Old Madras Road, Bangalore. 
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